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HR app is an app for employees of a particular organization. Employees can apply leaves , check leave status and much more things with HR app. It contains so many modules like leave request, Leave status, Attendance, Extra working, Payslips, Complain module.

App Features

  • Leave Requests
  • Status of Requested Leaves
  • View Payslip
  • Check-In / Check-Out
  • Attendance Tracking of Employee


  • Leaves can be apply easily.
  • Checking leave status.
  • Check-In, check-Out can be tracked easily in attendance module.
  • Employee can see their present, absent days with HR app.
  • Play slips can be viewed easily in HR app.
  • Forwarded persons and approve persons can forward and approve leaves easily with the help of HR app.
  • HR module can be easily access with the help of HR app.