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Global - HIS

Our HIS shall essentially work as an operational support as well as decision support tool for the hospital. It Facilitates Hospital-wide management of services and provides seamless integration of Information across various departments of the Hospital.

The Need for Hospital Information System

The HIS software by AGS will help the Hospital in the following areas:

  • To comply with international Healthcare Standards for offering integrated quality healthcare services.
  • To assist in automated, efficient processes.
  • To enable smooth flow of information with in various departments of the hospital.
  • To improve efficiency in services offered by Front-End users of HIS in Hospital.
  • To manage better Patient care services to the patients.
  • To utilize infrastructure, resources &facilities in hospital optimally.
  • To provide audit trail & tracking facility for system integrity.
  • To provide fast & up-to-date Help Desk Information for management & Patients.
  • HIS thus shall essentially work as an operational support as well as decision support tool for the hospital.


The objective of having a HIS can be summarized in the following points:

  • Hospital-wide management and seamless integration of Information across various departments of the Hospital.
  • Maintain Comprehensive Information about patients.
  • Medical Records data derived from the system will help in medical research.
  • Automation of routine tasks will help the hospital to focus on patient needs.
  • Remote access to relevant information in order to ensure better service to patients.
  • Automated database of the patients will help in regular follow up for patients requiring long-term treatments.
  • Possibility of electronic transfer of patient’s records in the event of inter-hospital transfers.
  • Continuous process improvement through integration of information available at various departments.

Key Features of AGS’s HIS

  • No Need to install software on client PC
  • Platform independent (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Online Software update facility
  • Patient appointment system (Consultant / services)
  • Auto scheduling emails & SMS sending
  • Security access with finger sensor
  • MRD module as per MCI Compliances for medical colleges
  • Doctor accounting pay-outs
  • POS (Point of Sale) machine integration for counter based sale
  • Provides high ROI
  • Analysers interfacing in Pathology
  • Barcode facility
  • Interface bio-metric machine
  • Prescription through Electronic Pad & Pen
  • Auto consumption in pathology module
  • Linking with tally ERP
  • User defined formats
  • Online lab reporting / delivery (portal system)

Benefits of HIS Software

  • SQL Server technology.
  • All modules highly integrated with each others.
  • Able to achieve 90% paper less system.
  • Compliance to NABH and NABL standards.
  • User friendly , Easy to maintain.
  • Tablet ,mobile compatibilities.
  • Fully upgradable & Futuristic .

The Solution “Global – HIS”

Hospital Information System

AGS’s “Global-HIS” in the Healthcare domain for hospitals is a Complete Web-based ERP Solution. This application is developed using Microsoft DOTNET framework and Microsoft SQL Server 2014 R2 as RDBMS. The software can run on windows/Linux OS, that makes the cost of ownership minimal. This software has been designed keeping in view the existing processes that is being followed at the various hospitals and adding the latest available technologies and national standards like NABH, NABL, MCI to ensure that the hospital uses the world class software based on the latest technology.

Global-HIS is a generic application, which addresses all the major functional areas of hospitals.

HIS provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration control, improved response to patient care and cost control. It reduces patient’s waiting time by smooth flow of information and provides house-keeping of medical records such as patient’s history, diagnostic details, diagnosis details and prescriptions ordered by doctors.

Generates various MIS and statistical reports which gives information on common diseases, Hospital statistics in terms of Inpatients, out patients, Diagnostic Services, Surgeries, SIL /DIL, Discharges, deaths, admissions and transfers etc.

It also helps to control the inventory of drugs and other items including tracking of slow, fast and non-moving items and effective utilization of resources. Gives cost analysis of each department/ward as an individual cost-centre.


  • Inventory Management

    Perform Inventory Management activities

  • OPD Module

    Out-patient Management

  • IPD Module

    In-patient Management System

  • Day Care Module

    Day-Care Patient Management System

  • Pathology Module

    Diagnostic Laboratory Management System

  • Radiology Module

    Radiology Management System

  • PACS Module

    Picture Archiving and Communication System

  • OT Module

    Operation Theatre management System

  • Clinician Module

    Clinician Management System

  • EMR & EHR Module

    Electronic Medical & Health Record Repository

  • PMS Module (Nursing)

    Patient Management System for Medical staff

  • Blood Bank Module

    Blood Bank Management System

  • Dietician Module

    Dietician Management System

  • Food & Beverages Module

    Pantry Management System

  • Ambulance Module (GPS Tracking)

    Ambulance Management System

  • Pharmacy Module

    Pharmacy Management System

  • Assets Module

    Assets Management System

  • Biomedical Engineering Module

    Biomedical Services Management System

  • HR & Payroll Module

    HR & Payroll Management System

  • Complaints Module

    Complaint Management System

  • Finance Module (Tally Linking)

    Finance Management System

  • MIS Module

    Management Information System

  • User & Security Module

    User & Security Management System

  • CSSD Module

    Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)

  • Linen Module

    Linen Management System


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