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Colpo Scopy 222DX

ColpoScopy is a complete surgery image management system. High utility software for ColnoScopy .

Key Features

  • User friendly ,easy to use software.
  • Single screen operations for capturing images and recording HIGH Resolution videos using MPEG Technology simultaneously.
  • Post processing of images including highlighting , zooming, contrast and brightness adjustment, annotation etc.
  • Video editing facility allows videos to be cut, Merged with Audio, patient profile, photograph of the performing consultant to be added , transition between clips, text annotation .
  • Patient clinical data management.
  • CD/DVD writing, E-Mailing of reports facility.
  • User definable report performs creation through software as well as MS Word.
  • Exhaustive patient search based on consultant , diagnosis, procedure , date etc.
  • Data management: Migration of patient data, move data to other drives etc.
  • Comparison of multiple patient’s videos, Images on a single screen for clinical references .

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