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Global HIS  A Complete Browser Based Hospital Management Application.

Global - HIS
Hospital Information System

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Key Features

  • No need to run setup on different client PC
  • Platform Independent system.
  • Online product support.
  • Auto e-mailing & text messaging of reports
  • Inter departmental messenger for quick communication within hospital setup.
  • Unique facility to link multiple centres and synchronize data at a central location.
  • Bar Code generation facility
  • Biometric machine interfacing for digital attendance
  • Prescription writing for consultant with help of Electronic Prescription Recorder
  • Auto consumption of consumables (kits)
  • Fully user customizable reports and billing formats
  • Online lab reporting
  • Innovative appointment scheduler
  • NABH compliant application
  • TALLY linking for accountancy based solutions.
  • Robust error tracking module
  • Enquiry and Appointments a
  • OPD Module a
  • Daycare Module
  • Assets Management
  • F & B Module
  • Dietician Module
  • Back Office Module
  • Compatible with nearly all the biochemistry analyzers in the market (bi-directional communication).

Modules Available

IPD Module (In-Door Patient Department)

  • Patient Booking for Admission
  • Admission Booking Confirm / Decline
  • Booking Advance Payment
  • Cancel Booking Advance
  • Refund Booking Advance
  • Patient Admission in IPD
  • Admission Cancellation
  • Modify Patient Admission Details
  • Modify Admission Date / Time
  • Modify Admitted Patient Category
  • IPD Transactions
  • IPD Transactional Requests
  • Request Approval / Decline
  • Status of IPD Request
  • Case Transfer to Another Doctor
  • Patient Discharge
  • Final Bill Settlement

Pathology Module (NABL Compliance)

  • Pathology Investigation Work Flow
  • Sample (Specimen) Collection
  • Sample Acceptance
  • Lab Report Entry
  • Lab Report Authentication (Report Validation)
  • Redo/ Repeat Investigations
  • Outsourced Investigation Reports
  • Validated Report Printing
  • Validated Report Editing
  • Service Wise Printing
  • Continuous Printing of Multiple Departments
  • Investigation Orders from IPD Wards
  • Pathology Orders from IPD Wards
  • Interfacing with Lab Equipments


  • Radiology Procedure Work Flow
  • Radiology Report Entry
  • Radiology Report Authentication (Report Validat
  • Validated Report Printing

PAC’S and DICOM (Picture Achieving & Communication System)

  • Accessing of DICOM Images from anywhere in the
  • Data Storage of Radiological Images
  • Doctor Login wise OPD Patients
  • OPD Prescription
  • Adult History & Physical Examinations
  • Consultant Order (Blood Transfusion)
  • Advice For OPD Patients
  • Advice For IPD Patients
  • MRD Record

Patient Management System (PMS Module)

  • Ward Summary List
  • Patient Searching
  • Ward Occupancy Lay out
  • Work list Of Patient
  • Ward Movement Of Patients
  • Doctor Case Transfer
  • Patient Record
  • Clinical Assessment
  • Vital Signs ( With Graphical Data)
  • Service Order for Admitted Patient
  • Cross Referral (With Message Alerts)
  • Patient Diet Charts
  • Sample Collection of IPD Patients
  • Operation Theatre
  • Bed Side Procedure Execution
  • IPD Services Auto Scheduling
  • Profile and Specialty Wise Discharge Summary
  • Discharge Information

OT (Operation Theatre) Module

  • OT Booking
  • OT Scheduling
  • Scheduling of Surgeries

Clinical & MRD

  • Attachment of Scanned Documents
  • Viewing all the Clinical Data
  • History Detail of Patients
  • Examination Details
  • Discharge Summaries

Pharmacy Module

  • Sale of Medicines
  • Add Pharmacy Bill to IPD Final Bill
  • Due Deposition
  • Medicine Bill Cancellation
  • Refund of Medicines
  • Purchase
  • GRN (Goods Receiving Note)
  • Stock Management
  • Medicines Issue
  • Department Store
  • Orders From Departments
  • Sale Report
  • Departmental Consumption Report
  • Opening Stock report
  • Closing Stock Report
  • Item Related Reports

Inventory Module

  • Purchase
  • GRN (Goods Receiving Note)
  • Stock Management
  • Goods Issue
  • Department Store
  • Orders From Departments

MIS Module

  • All module’s data information reports
  • Graphical Reports

Complaints Module

  • Launch Complaint from any User Dashboard
  • Central Complaint Register
  • Action Taken Against the Complaints


  • User Creation
  • Access to Users
  • Day Wise data view Control to the Users
  • Copy user Access from other Users Profiles
  • User Company Linking

HR (Human Resources) Module

  • Employee Detail Entry
  • Employee Scanned Document
  • Leave Applicability for Multiple Employees
  • Employee Wise Leave Details
  • Employee Remuneration Calculation Policy
  • User Company Linking

Blood Bank Module

  • Doner Registration
  • Physical Examination
  • Blood Grouping
  • Blood Infectious Tests
  • Component Separation
  • Blood Requistion
  • Cross Match
  • Blood Bank Releted Mis Reports

Backoffice Module